Why Insulin Is Not The Problem In Diabetes

Why Insulin Is Not The Problem In Diabetes

Diabetes is a problem caused by the disorder of glucose metabolism. Meaning that, it is the inability of blood glucose or blood sugar to be used and converted by the cell of the body. In other words, Diabetes is a problem caused by the disorder of glucose metabolism. Meaning that, it is the inability of blood glucose or blood sugar to be used and converted by the cell of the body.

Let me explain.

Insulin resistance happens when the cell of the body refuses to respond to the presence of insulin due to excessive fatigue of the cell because the cells are “tired” of always processing or working with excess sugar.

I’m going to explain this concept so that you understand why diabetes happen and the root cause of it.

When the cells of the body refuses to respond to Insulin, your blood sugar will always remain elevated.

Since sugars in the blood activates the release of insulin, too much blood sugar being in the body also means that more insulin will also be produced, thereby making a diabetic person to have too much insulin present in the body as well.

So the root problem with people living with diabetes is limiting or turning off the foods that contains and produces sugar.

So you can see, taking diabetic drugs to control the sugar level in the body is a pure waste of time, resources and health. This is only treating the symptoms, not the cause of the problem.

Negative Effects Of Insulin Drugs

Most diabetic drugs tend to lower blood sugar levels. To do that, some of these drugs are “insulin producers”. When these drugs gets into the body, the pancreas, the organ responsible for producing insulin, receives the signal to produce LESS insulin because an alternative “Insulin” is already available. 

This obstructs the natural working of the Pancreas overtime such that its ability to continue to produce insulin is stunted overtime.

At this point, your pancreas will continue to produce LESS insulin, and yet the cells of your body are still NOT responding to it. However, because there’s now too much Insulin, the cells of the body is forced to use it to convert the excess sugar, thereby lowering the level of blood sugar in the body.

Used overtime, some of these drugs stop working, and another one is prescribed.

The reason Obesity and Diabetes go hand in hand is because, the obese person has so much sugar in the body, and this subsequently releases as much insulin in the body. So there will be a never ending working of your cells to convert excess sugar to fat and energy using the hormone Insulin.

It’s a matter of time before an obese person becomes diabetic because the cells of the body will eventually become tired of the whole process and “gives up” working with Insulin and thereby becoming Insulin resistant, which is a diabetic condition.

So as long as one is obese and eating junks, there is always a risk of diabetes surfacing anytime.

The Ideal Insulin Condition

The human body is not designed to “Continuously” handle large amounts of sugar for a very long time. It is designed to handle it “Once in a while”.

For instance.

The blood at every point has a natural sugar level. When we eat foods like biscuits, cakes etc that contains high amounts of refined sugar, there’s a quick spike in the blood sugar level, Insulin comes to the aid immediately to level out the playing ground by removing the excess sugar out of the blood and restores it to the natural sugar level.

The excess sugar is stored away in protective organs like the muscles, liver, and fat cells.

So the main work of Insulin is to “Store Away” excess sugar each time there is an occurrence in the blood. Those occurrence should be once in a while, not always.

Since Insulin stores away sugar, would taking more of it as a drug truly cure someone who is diabetic?

Don’t you think that taking more of Insulin drugs will continue to make a diabetic person to store away more sugar and cause more fat to be stored?

Would it not be a better alternative to get more active, eat healthier, so that the conditions that warrant the production of excess sugar and storing it away as fat is not present all the time?

If excess sugar is not present all the time, Insulin production will be minimal, and the body’s cells sensitivity will be improved and eventually the cells will “No longer Always” work with insulin, thereby reversing the condition known as diabetes.

If weight is lost in the process, diabetes condition can be totally reversed.

So you can see that taking more insulin injections or drugs doesn’t solve the problem of diabetes, it only worsens the way it was produced in the first place.

Too much insulin in the body further worsens overtime the cells sensitivity to insulin and exacerbates the diabetes condition.

The effect is similar to that of Caffeine in Coffee. You take Coffee everyday, at first you feel the “alertness” and boost it gives to you. But with repeated use, your body eventually becomes “immune” to the effect, thereby necessitating your need to drink more cups daily which further causes more damage to your mental alertness.

What Next?

I want to believe that you have been properly enlightened on the reality of diabetes, especially Type 2 Diabetes which is life style induced, This can be prevented and treated without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

It has come to my understanding that of all the lifestyle diseases that plague our modern world, diabetes is by far the easiest to reverse. It only takes a careful plan of action, commitment and sticking to the course for the rest of ones life.

This is obviously a better option than taking the route of life threatening diabetic drugs.

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