the best food for diabetes: The last article I wrote on tackling the root cause of diabetes got a lot of responses from people who in one way or the other are directly affected.

I was asked several questions including a plea to release an article on natural foods that diabetics can eat.In my usual habit, I started researching and studying archives in Library and health resources, I even consulted my doctors colleagues opinion and a dietitian’s and I was handed a large information on exactly how any type of diabetes can be managed, cured or even completely reversed.

First, we are going to take a closer look at the best foods for people with diabetes, or diet for diabetes. My main reason of starting with diets for diabetics is simply because diabetes is a disease that is getting out of control and if you see the Nigerian statistics for people who are been diagnosed of diabetes everyday, it’s pretty scary and in the U.S?

It’s almost getting out of hand. It’s an epidemic caused by our lifestyles.And more importantly, diabetes is closely linked to obesity and overweight. So even if you are not overweight, you still stand a chance of becoming diabetic depending on your present quality of diet.

Your Diet Plays A Large Role

I’m going to tell you specific foods that are good for diabetics and foods you must avoid to be able to treat diabetes naturally.The reason my first focus is on foods is because from my research studies, and inquiry, I discovered that people with Type 2 diabetes, 99% of the time got it because of lifestyle habits overtime. Less than 1% are hereditary.

Why do I say so?

While I was interviewing my doctor at the central hospital, he told me that majority of people who had Type 2 Diabetes got it during their Late 30s and Early 40s.

A closer look at the history of the lives of these group of people reveals that they have a heavy doze of the following activities in their youth; lots of alcohol consumption, very stressful jobs, lots of meats, lots of refined sugars in different types of foods that they eat, and these people generally have a lot of weight on their tummy or belly fat.

All of these are the main reasons people overtime develop type 2 diabetes. In other words, if you are affected by any of the above habits, and you are NOT YET diabetic, chances are that you’re are few months or years away from being diagnosed if you continue with that lifestyle habit few years down the line.

That’s an UGLY truth!

So you can see, why this article is directed at the diabetics, it’s also for the benefit of everyone who is in any way fat.It’s easier in theory to say we should change our lifestyles, but very difficult to implement, even for myself.The main culprits of diabetes are eating lots of foods rich in refined sugars and carbohydrates. These foods shoot your blood sugar level through the roof.

The Gate Man – Insulin

You may wonder why I use the word the Gate man to represent insulin. Well, I want to give you a vivid understanding on how people become insulin resistant and consequently diabetic.An illustration will help you better understand why people develop diabetes and the role of Insulin.

I have spoken about the role of insulin in a previous article on this blog. The primary role of the hormone, Insulin is to convert sugars from carbohydrate foods to energy and store the rest into fat cells.Excessive insulin is released when there is excessive sugar in the body.

However, when the excessive insulin continues, the cells of the body starts to become insulin resistant. For example, imagine you are the gate man of a big house, and a visitor comes knocking at the gate, on the first few visits, you will gladly open the gate to know who is at the door.

However, if that same visitor keeps coming everyday for no good reason and keep knocking at the gate endlessly, how would you react? Majority of people will react this way: “Why do you keep disturbing my peace knocking at my gate everyday, please go away or else I will call the police”If you try to call the police and you are not able to do that, the next thing you will do is to simply ignore the knocking of the “stupid visitor”. 

As long as you ignore him, he can’t enter the compound to do whatever he wishes.The above scenario, is what we call Insulin Resistance, a condition which later develops into early stages of diabetes.

A condition where the Insulin produced in the body is unable to convert blood sugar to energy and fat simply because there is excessive amount of sugar in the blood stream from refined sugars.When I talk about refined sugars, sugars from fruits is not part of this, I mean sugars in processed foods like bread, whether wheat or white bread, baked foods, etc.

Reversing Diabetes – A Clear Path

If you want to set your body to becoming non-diabetic again, there is one thing you need to do first, and that is; look for ways to minimize insulin levels in your body.

To do that, you must cut off foods that trigger the release of insulin in the first place, and those foods are the ones that load sugars into the blood stream.Most of them are refined carbohydrates and sugars.

What Type of Foods Should A Diabetic Eat?

If you are Type 2 diabetes, there are certain fruits you can not eat in large quantities. All the fruits that are high glucose types of fruits should be eaten in very small quantities. Such fruits as Bananas, Mangoes, Pineapples, and Watermelon.

Most of these fruits are rich in natural sugars and therefore have a high glycemic index.However, here are the type of fruits that will benefit a diabetic person.

Apples, Pears, Berries, vegetables like cucumber, carrots, garden eggs etc.In fact, if you are diabetic, focus on eating these fruits and vegetables to increase the fiber content in your body and restore the health of your blood stream.

What about leafy vegetables?

All types of vegetables is very healthy and a diabetic can consume as much as possible. Vegetables are best eaten close to their raw state. If you can’t do that, you can cook them for about  3-5 minutes so that the life giving enzymes and nutrients will be preserved to benefit your body.What about grains?

All white foods should be avoided. Here are the grains that benefits a diabetic person:

Millet Brown rice or Ofada riceBeans SoybeanIf.

You’re Not Yet Diabetic, You’re Also Involved Because Your Life Is At Risk!This talk about diabetes is not only for the diabetics, it concerns even a non-diabetic person. This is because in one way or the other we are all affected.Why?Because we are all guilty of western lifestyle habits that endangers our very lives.

So instead of going to the beer parlour to relax with few bottles of beer, and hot drinks along with the plenty of meats that comes with the pepper soup, just think about how all of these adds up overtime each time we engage in these activities.I mean all the sodas, canned fruit juices, Red Bulls, Soft drinks, coffees etc.

They all add up little by little over the years, and over time they take their toll on you. A person who is diagnosed diabetic didn’t become one on the day of diagnosis.

He became one, 10 years back when he was full of life and refuse to make the same lifestyle changes I talk about here.In a nutshell, Diabetes doesn’t happen overnight.

You can stop becoming one by making a decision today. And if you are already diabetic, you don’t have much time and no choice but to completely eliminate sugar, because excess sugar in the blood stream ravages the cells and organs of your body the same way acids eats the skin of anyone who has an acid bath. It is fatal if uncontrolled.

Today, we see innocent children who at the age of 12 or 15 years are diagnosed as being diabetic. These children are overfed but undernourished.

An Obese child, contrary to popular belief is not a healthy child because fatness comes from excess refined sugar and carbohydrates.And the parents are to blame in cases like this because they over feed their children with junks from all the fast food joints all over the place.

Gives them too much biscuits, sweets, candies, bread, cakes, snacks, chewing gums etc.

None of these foods is healthy in the least sense of the word. They are parked with refined “poisonous” sugars and empty nutrition for the child.

As parents, it’s our responsibility to not only eat cleaner for ourselves, but to eat cleaner and choose better foods for our families so we’re better examples for our kids and so they don’t have garbage to turn to when they are hungry.

And if you’re already diabetic and you want to start the journey to reverse the effects of this deadly disease, get a pack of our natural herbal supplement called The Sugar Balance Tea.

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The Sugar Balance Tea has changed the lives of so many Nigerian diabetic sufferers, including my mom and my big auntie  and can change yours as well if you get it today.

I hope you have learned one or two things from this article and will do well to make major lifestyle changes whether you are diabetic or not because your future life depends on it.

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