You can say Bye-Bye to Diabetes in 8 weeks with Cheap and Effective Meal Plan and a Simple Exercise Program

If you are a diabetes patient, you may have been told that you would have to take drugs or insulin to manage your medical condition for the rest of your life……

But if you could spend 2-3 minutes of your time to read the information on this page, you will discover a way to reverse your medical condition (Diabetes) within 8 weeks with a simple, cheap, delicious and very effective meal plan.

It is no longer news that the life expectancy (average life span) of female Nigerians is 55 and that of male is 52, as noted by WHO (World Health Organization, 2018).

The report, though damning, is not surprising if we consider the causes of sudden and untimely death given by WHO – Accidents, Insurgencies, Diabetes, HIV, Hypertension, Hepatitis, Kidney failure, Malaria, Poverty and other myriad of problems peculiar to us.

Among the list of sicknesses or diseases responsible for untimely death in Africa is Diabetes Melitus – A disease that many Africans take for granted.

This website is set up for the sole purpose of helping diabetes patients reverse their medical condition in less than 60 days, with a simple, cheap, available and highly effective method – nutritious diet.

Types and Causes of Diabetes
There are three known types of Diabetes, according to Medical Science – Type 1, Type 2, and Gestational Diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes is a medical condition that often results if or when one of the following happens to the metabolic system: (1) when the immune system attacks and destroys the beta cells producing insulin. (2)  The pancreas malfunctions due to genetic problem, which in most cases is hereditary.

Type 2 diabetes, which is the most common type, is often caused by one of the following reasons: (1) Inflammation of the pancreas due to uncontrolled blood sugar – This is by far the reason a lot of people with type 2 diabetes end up with Insulin resistance. (2) Insulin resistance by the body due to a combination of sedentary lifestyle and poor diet – This is what many diabetes patients learn from health centers and medical professionals, which is but half truth. It is the simplest explanation which many diabetes patients can grasp – This is the reason most health care givers often give as the cause of diabetes.

Please note that the major issue in diabetes is inflammation of the pancreas – this is a salient truth unknown to a lot of diabetes patients. A sedentary lifestyle and poor diets are mostly responsible for this medical condition.

It is possible for an overweight person not to end up with diabetes for some other reasons bordering on diets and moderate exercise to control the blood sugar.

Gestational Diabetes is a medical condition that about 2% – 10% of pregnant women in Africa develop due to hormones produced by the placenta during pregnancy.  Except in cases where pregnant women are overweight or live on poor diet, this type of diabetes is usually a temporary health condition.

In some women, however, Gestational Diabetes can lead to Type 2 diabetes.

(What We Offer)

There are three eBooks written to help diabetes patients reverse their medical condition with a simple and effective Meal Plan and Exercise Program.

Introduction to Glycemic Index


This eBook will teach you how to calculate the glycemic Index of every food item. Armed with this information, you will be well to eat and live healthier.

What is Glycemic Index (GI)? Glycemic Index is a relative ranking of carbohydrates in foods according to how they affect blood glucose levels.

Carbohydrates with a low GI value  (55 or less) are more slowly digested, absorbed and metabolized and cause a lower and slower rise in blood glucose and, therefore, very easy for insulin to manage.

 There are many benefits of following the Glycemic index in the choice of foods – so you will learn how to control the foods you eat based on the Glycemic Index.

Price: 2,000.00 Naira

The 10-Day Diabetes Detox Diet Kit 

This kit will teach you the following:

  • Scientific Proven Weight Loss Program In 10 Days
  • Easy and Delicious Meal to Reverse Health Problems Like High Blood Pressure, Joint Pain, Autoimmune Disease, Brain Fog, Allergies, Acne, Eczema, Sexual Dysfunction, Etc.

Many terminal diseases are resultant effects of high cholesterol and fat. What makes you sick makes you fat, and what makes you fat makes you sick. It’s all connected.

You know when your computer freezes up? What do you do? You reboot. Well, the 10-Day Detox Diet does the same thing for your metabolism—by following a scientifically proven diet and lifestyle practices, you can reset your metabolism to function as it was designed to. You’ll lose weight without going hungry, and clear up a whole list of health symptoms without bad diets or dangerous pills. And all it takes is 10 days.

Price: 2,500.00 Naira

Introduction to Amazing Diabetes Program


This eBook will show you that being diabetic does not mean you have to eat boring or bland foods. There are many healthy and flavorful food choices that are less likely to cause blood sugar spikes. Following a diabetic eating plan may seem daunting, but when you are armed with the right information, it gets easier with time. As your knowledge grows about how specific foods affect blood sugar in the body, food selection will be a breeze.

Many of the staple foods in Nigerian diets are good for your health. From leafy green vegetables to beans, there are lots of nutrient-rich choices. However, fried foods and sweets are also popular and should be limited.

If you have diabetes, you can work with your doctor to develop a plan that’s right for you. It will probably include exercise, a meal plan, blood glucose monitoring, and perhaps medication.

According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), the foods listed in this eBook (which are also available in Nigeria) can be enjoyed on a diabetic menu: There are also exercise tips that you can easily do at home without going to the gym.

Price: 5,000.00 Naira

The complete Diabetes Program Kit cost a total of 9,500.00 Naira but for a limited time, you can get all the 3 eBooks for: Three Thousand Naira Only.

Discounted Price for all the 3 eBooks: 3,000.00 Naira (Introductory Price)

What to Expect Within 8 Weeks

Your 1st Week with the Amazing Meal Program
When you start with our nutritious and delicious meal plan you will experience a surge of energy after 24 hours. You’ll wake up feeling more refreshed and well rested than you have not previously experienced. Before the end of first week, as you test your blood glucose levels, you’ll notice a dramatic drop in the blood sugar level, close to the normal level.

Your 2nd Week with the Amazing Meal Program 
At second week of following the program, you’ll discover your body no longer needs as much insulin injections as you used to before you started the program.

You will also discover a surge in your energy level as opposed to feelings of tiredness and exhaustion. This is the normal response when body metabolism is adjusting to the meal program.

By the end of the second week, you will most likely notice a disappearance of painful, tingling neuropathy that usually accompanies hyperglycemic condition. (Painful and tingling neuropathy symptoms vary among diabetics and may not necessarily apply to you).

Week 3-8 with the Amazing Meal Program 
As you complete the temporary meal plan and use the other modules of the program, your pancreas will be fully restored, and your body will adjust to insulin absorption. Your blood glucose will stay at a healthy, normal level. You’ll be able to stop taking insulin injections.  You’ll be able to talk to your doctor, and see the surprised look on his face. 

Please note that diabetes was for many decades classified as incurable medical condition, so health care givers don’t usually give a clean bill of health to diabetes patients until after a series of hemoglobin tests carried out at least six times over a period of twenty four months indicate a normal blood sugar level. This medical requirement is the reason many diabetics are sentenced to a lifetime of medication (drug use) – to control and manage their blood sugar level. It is not the best way to manage diabetes.

But with our amazing meal plan and exercise program, you will effectively reverse diabetes and be free to enjoy life, and never again worry about the medical condition or any of its complications – untimely death, blindness, stroke and risk of amputation due to injury that refused to heal.

What to do with Your Insulin/Medication during the Program

This is an important aspect of health management required to control blood sugar level, but very easy to handle with our amazing meal plan and exercise program. Normally, diabetics are required to take a reading of their blood sugar level before breakfast (This reading is referred to as fasting). The medication usually prescribed like Metformin or Diollin are required to be taken once or twice a day after meal. There is no gainsaying that taking any dose of these medications or insulin before checking the blood sugar level can crash the blood sugar level to a dangerously low level for diabetics.

In fact, most patients with stroke die as a result of complications caused by hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) because they erroneously think blood sugar medication should be taken every day and every time. NO! The condition for taking Metformin or any blood sugar medication is only if or when blood sugar is at a certain level before breakfast and before supper at night.

Unfortunately, a lot of diabetics unwittingly die untimely due to medication overdose. This is the sad experience of many diabetics that medical experts find difficult to checkmate. It is somewhat difficult to educate patients to ascertain their blood sugar level before taking any medication.

Unlike other sickness or disease that may require a set dosage at a certain frequency, hyperglycemic (high blood sugar) is not a permanent or guaranteed situation due to the fact that good diet and exercise (lifestyle changes) are the major determinants of blood sugar level. Do you now see why it is dangerous to religiously stick to a prescription?

So what to do during the Meal Plan and Exercise Program 

You will need a consistent check of your blood sugar level before breakfast and before supper to determine if there is any need for drug use (medication).

A verifiable testimonial:
Thank you so much for your lecture on diabetes. I was not a complete novice on some of the instructions because I received lectures every time I visit the teaching hospital at my base, but what actually caught my attention and resonated with me was the line that medication was not compulsory to normalize and reverse diabetes. I found it hard to believe, so I tread with caution.

I had a stroke attack July 26th, 2018. It was triggered by malaria fever. I had struggled with malaria for a few days prior to that fateful Thursday morning. I didn’t know my blood pressure was over 190/120….. eventually I ended up in the hospital where series of tests were carried out on me, including MRI.

My blood sample was taken and sent to the lab for haemoglobin test and the worst was confirmed. I was diagnosed of type 2 diabetes. Right then and there fear gripped me and death starred at me in the face.

The worst of my experience came during my diabetes lecture. The woman said, “You must not eat this, you must not eat that…”I was terribly shaken. I told her this is a death sentence; what am I gonna eat?

I was put on Thyapril for blood pressure, Vasoprin, and also Metformin particularly Glucophage. They also asked me to buy Lipitor. The student doctor who gave me the prescription put me on 1 Gram (1,000 Milligram) of Metformin after breakfast and 1 Gram (1,000 Milligram) after supper. Na God saved me. I almost died of low blood sugar. My doctor eventually reduced the dosage to 500 Milligram after breakfast and after supper.

So, one day, I ran out of strip to check my blood sugar and had to visit a pharmaceutical store one morning to check my blood sugar. The blood sugar level was 110 that day, so the young pharmacist lady asked me to work on the extra 10. I asked her “How?”

It was then she told my wife and I that the medical condition could be reversed with a simple meal plan and exercise. I listened to her story how she helped a woman with over 400 mmhg blood sugar reading reverse her condition with a diet plan. She did not disclose the diet but made it clear that the food items were very cheap and safer than Metformin (This lady is a trained pharmacist who got paid by her employer from sales generated by the company). She did not disclose the food items; she just asked me to work on the extra 10.

Truthfully, I did not believe her for two reasons because I thought the secret food items could not be more than cucumber and garden eggs and also because I dislike those two fruits. 

As God would have it, I decided to try the meal plan -Diet and Exercise -very simple, I must say. Lo and behold, my fasting reading dropped to 88 the very first time after ten months of taking Metformin. I thought my Accucheck Glucometer had developed fault so I checked the sugar level again and the reading was 89. Ever since, my fasting blood sugar reading has been within 70 – 85 range since I started the meal plan. The most interesting part is that all the traces of stroke have disappeared. I can run, jump and play soccer with my boys. In fact, the meal plan is a life saver.

I am a popular brand but this is my story, so if putting my story in the public domain will save lives and help a lot of people reverse their diabetes status, please post my story.

You may request for the contact information of the testifier.

Common Misconception about Diabetes
It is very easy to reverse diabetes and enjoy a healthy and productive life.

We’re here to debunk some common myths about this condition.

Myth: Diabetes is caused by eating sugar.
Fact: Any diet high in calories—from sugar or another source—contributes to weight gain. And weight gain increases your type 2 diabetes risk.

Myth: If you’re overweight, you’ll develop type 2 diabetes.
Fact: Yes, being overweight is a risk factor for developing diabetes. However, other risks factor into getting it, like family history, ethnicity, age and level of physical activity. Many people with type 2 diabetes are a normal weight or moderately overweight.

Myth: People with diabetes can’t eat chocolate or sweets.
Fact: No foods are off limits to people with diabetes. The key is eating them in small portions and saving them for special occasions. That way you can maintain a healthy meal plan.

Myth: People with diabetes aren’t producing enough insulin.
Fact: People with type 2 diabetes typically have enough insulin when they’re first diagnosed. But this insulin isn’t working properly. The insulin doesn’t help cells absorb glucose from food. Their pancreas may eventually stop making enough insulin. Then, they’ll need injections.

Myth: You’re more likely to catch a cold if you have diabetes.
Fact: You’re no more likely than anyone else to get a cold, the flu or other illness. However, illnesses can make diabetes harder to manage.

Myth: You can’t live an active life if you have diabetes.
Fact: Exercise is crucial to controlling diabetes. It can help your muscles use glucose without relying on insulin. It also helps your cells use insulin better.